TWI intern from Turkey visiting California

Refika Celik, a 2017 graduate of Istanbul University and Sparks Program in Turkey, is visiting California August through November. The purpose is to experience American culture and customs, learn more about the TWI organization in the U.S., and to help build awareness here about TWI’s programs in Turkey. “The Sparks Program is very useful for young women to understand the concepts of teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. They can adapt these concepts to their lives,” says Refika.
Her time in California is divided between north – where she is a guest of TWI Board member Tresa Eyres in San Francisco – and south, as the guest of Sema and Bulent Basol in Manhattan Beach.
In addition to her TWI engagements, Refika is exploring options for her future in the field of music communications – in Turkey, another European country, or the U.S.
“Living in America and seeing a professional life here makes me take healthier and better steps for my future,” Refika adds. “With this new vision, I have a better idea how life outside Turkey works. So I feel safer about trusting myself when I make decisions.”