Sparks graduate (and team) win prize for technical invention

Prize-winners Zehra (left) and teammate

Zehra Morcimen, a 2018 graduate of Ege University, was a key member of a three-student team that won second prize from the prestigious Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Their project was an “Active Shading Device for Driving Safety.”

The project’s objective was to prevent avoidable accidents caused by sun glare that often affects a driver’s field of view. The team invented a “smart” electronic device that prevents drivers from being temporarily blinded by sudden bright light.





“Before Sparks,” Zehra says, “I thought my success would be in just one area – science. Through the Sparks social change project and other things I learned, I realize that I can be a success in many fields.”

Zehra is now pursuing her master’s degree in bio chemistry, specifically neurological tissue engineering.