August 2017

TWI’s first film to debut at events this fall!

Creation of TWI’s first promotional video is underway, and we are delighted to have the guidance and hands-on support of film professionals in the process.

The film will highlight the impact of the Sparks Program on the lives of university women who are graduates of the program. Audiences will be able to see – in living color – what’s possible when women are given a chance to create change in their lives and communities.

Kazakh filmmaker, actor and producer Gia Noortas and her partner, co-producer Lohan Buson have graciously volunteered to provide guidance and editing of the short film. Gia is an award-winning filmmaker whose latest feature film “My Husband’s Wife” is an official entry to Golden Globes for foreign film from Kazakhstan.

Storytelling project in the works

Personal stories have the power to inform, influence, and transform. Over the years, we at TWI have been privileged to hear the truly astounding stories of many of our program’s participants.

In our new storytelling project, we have begun compiling some of these accounts for adaptation to the stage. Lisa Cirincione, actor, producer and director at Jewish Women’s Theatre (JWT), is expertly guiding us through the production.   JWT’s signature style of transforming true to life stories into poignant and powerful stage performances is said to be “a unifying experience, providing great entertainment and unexpected opportunities for self-reflection and connection that strengthens our humanity.” We look forward this collaboration featuring our own TWI stories based on the triumphs and struggles of our SPARK women in an upcoming stage production at events this fall.

Our summer intern from Turkey on her way

TWI’s summer intern Refika is a graduate of the Sparks Program in Turkey. She recently graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in communications. Refika is currently interviewing and filming fellow Sparks Program alumni about the impact of the program on their lives. During her four-month stay in California, she will be volunteering to help in the editing process. She will also be assisting in compiling the personal stories of some of these alumni. Through her host, a TWI board member, Refika will also have the opportunity to meet other women-focused community organizations and gain an understanding of how civic society works in the US for the empowerment of women.