Every Woman’s Story Matters


This is the theme of six short videos created by Turkish Women’s Initiative. Each video features an inspirational story of what it takes to be a strong Turkish woman. Very soon you will be seeing them all on FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media.

TWI initiated the project in August, following news of a shocking femicide in Istanbul. The resulting public outrage led people from around the globe to send funds to nonprofits that have programs for women in Turkey.

Many found TWI and began sending mostly small and some large amounts of money through #womenempoweringwomen and #challengeaccepted social media campaigns.

In response, the donations to TWI enabled us to create the six professionally-produced video messages. We hope and plan that these messages about how to properly treat a woman willliterally “go global” and contribute to positive change.

Helen’s one-minute story of a Single Mom Determined to Win.


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