Building the Foundation for Career Management

TWI’s ongoing Ignite programs are designed for immigrant professional women. The goals are to help the women develop greater understanding of U.S. culture; gain deeper appreciation of their own life experiences and strengths; and increase their connections with others.

In November, 15 brilliant young immigrant women from different countries completed a six-session pilot program via Zoom. Their countries of origin included Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Azerbaijan, and Ethiopia.

Led by women leaders and role models in a variety of fields, the women gained valuable tips and guidelines to further their careers and personal goals. Topics included LinkedIn techniques, personal branding, interviewing skills, and reflections on the challenges and joys of being an immigrant.

Here are the reactions from two participants:

Eskedar from Ethiopia:
“I have noticed that I give lots of energy to things that don’t really matter or have impact in my career- yet my career and my future are what I really care about most. When I am connected to these women and leaders, I feel motivated to do my best to achieve my goals!”

Suna from Turkey:
“In these unprecedented times, we have our own stories on top of the hardships and anxieties of today’s circumstances. Sometimes I catch myself criticizing myself unintentionally. This program
was such an enlightenment for me, to see other women speaking other languages, having other realities and similar tensions.

In this program, I am taking steps to reach another level of compassion for myself. Initially I joined the group thinking I could be a support to other women with my subject matter expertise. It turns out I myself benefited a lot.”

With over 25 million people unemployed in the U.S., these online workshops provide just-in-time topics to help immigrant women develop the confidence and know-how to reach their goals. Based on the overwhelming positive reports from participants, TWI expects to continue the program in 2021.